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serviceBOX open
serviceBOX, outside view
serviceBOX, outside view
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serviceBOX, inside view

Safe maintenance of the fermenter without gas leaks

Thanks to the BTS Biogas serviceBOX, maintenance and repair work can be performed rapidly and effectively starting from the fermenter's stirring device.
For instance, the agitators can be removed completely and replaced directly from the serviceBOX. Opening the gasometer or lowering the filling level of the tank is therefore no longer necessary. Biogas leaks can thus be avoided, because the structure of the serviceBOX placed inside the tank is immersed in the biomass.


Floating layer formation prevention

If necessary, the agitators can be adjusted vertically using a crank. In addition, thanks to a swinging lever on the top of the serviceBOX, the agitators direction can be changed to modify the flow direction. This ensures accurate agitating, preventing the formation of floating layers and providing a constant biogas production.



  • Simple and safe maintenance of the agitator without the need to open the gasometer
  • Safe operation and maximum workplace safety during maintenance
  • Prevents biogas release to atmosphere thanks to the stainless steel skirt inside the tank
  • No requirement to empty the tank or halt biogas production during maintenance
  • The height and direction of the agitator can be regulated to allow precise agitation and prevent crust formations
  • Inspection porthole with light located inside the tank
  • Monitoring camera with cleaning nozzles for checking inside the fermenter

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